Classes & Programs

Aquatic Fitness Classes

Some of the classes that are offered in the aquatic center include: Aqua Tone, River Blast and Sculpt, Ageless Aqua, Arthritis Aqua.

This program is based on the American Red Cross and National Safety Council's Learn to Swim Program.

All participants will be tested by our instructors during the first class period and then broken down into groups based on their comfort and skill level.

Parent / Child Swim Lessons

  • Starfish: 6 months to 1.5 yrs
  • Goldfish: 1.5 to 4 yrs
  • Sea Turtles: 2.5 to 5 yrs

Swim Lesson Age Groups

  • Preschool: 4 to 5 yrs
  • Youth 1: 6 to 8 yrs
  • Youth 2: 8 to 14 yrs
  • Sharks (Competitive Strokework): 8 to 14 yrs and able to pass a swim test.
  • Teen/Adult Level 1 and 2: 14+ yrs
  • Elite Swim Training

Private / Semi-Private Lessons

Contact the Aquatics Specialist for more information.


Health & Wellness Programs

Canton Leisure Services strives to offer you a variety of health, wellness and fitness options that promote an active lifestyle.

Group Fitness Classes

Enjoy unlimited access to 65 complimentary aquatic and land fitness classes as part of your membership.

Registered Fitness Classes

For guests seeking a more specialized class with more instructor attention, the Summit on the Park offers 20 Registered Fitness Classes. These classes are available for 4-6 weeks and allow the instructor to provide you with more individualized instruction as they guide you through a structured program. See faster results and increase your fitness challeges as you advance into higher level classes.

Class descriptions and session information can be found in the Discover Brochure.

Class levels are designated for each class offered, (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Baby Boomer, Senior), making it easy to find the level that is right for you.